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Graig has helped me heal from a trauma that I have carried and been deeply affected by for more than fifty years. More than any other therapist I’ve ever gone to he is willing to work collaboratively with me – sometimes following my lead for how I want to explore something and other times suggesting therapeutic approaches when I’m stuck, but never imposing his methods or interpretations. He has a very deep knowledge of how the body holds emotion and trauma and is keenly observant of body language. From intense body work through various forms of talk therapy, including couples counselling, I’ve always felt comfortable with him. He is a sensitive, caring, perceptive, and trustworthy therapist who I have no hesitation in recommending to others.

- V / Toronto 

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I’ve been working with Graig for several years now after coming to a crossroad with traditional modalities.  Motivated to explore new types of therapies, Graig has introduced me to a variety of treatment such as Gestalt, Postural Integration and Emotional Freedom Techniques.  Graig is an experienced practitioner with a wealth of knowledge, who provides a safe and comfortable environment.   I’m extremely happy with my progress working with Graig and would definitely recommend him.

- P / Toronto 

I originally undertook ten-sessions test.unsplsh JOd4DPGLThifgf38Lpgj_IMGof body-work  with Graig, for which I am very grateful. The cumulative effect was to release a complex of physical tensions and locked-in emotions, out of which I was able to come to a better understanding of myself. I came to Graig because previously I had felt trapped by a set of emotional and behavioural patterns over which I felt I had little control or understanding. After that I returned for further sessions with Graig when I felt I needed help to regain emotional and physical clarity.

- M / Toronto



Graig himself has proven to be an intelligent, knowledgeable, sensitive and careful practitioner whose expertise has been enhanced by his direct personal experience in a variety of methods for rehabilitating our bodyminds.

- B / Therapist / Toronto 

Some areas of my body were rigid with test.unsplshphoto-1419717567666-6e559d5e0339cramped muscles and soreness to the bone. After only 10 sessions of Postural Integration I have a totally different body: more circulation of energy, greater peace, a strength in my vulnerability and a softness in my face and body.

-M / Healer, Teacher


As an adoptee working through the trauma, I am thankful Graig understands its complexities.  His expertise in numerous therapeutic methods, along with his compassion, has provided me the support I need to continue on my healing journey and become my authentic self.

- J / Ontario

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