Most people walk through the world in a trance of disempowerment.

Our work is to transform that into a trance of empowerment.

– Dr. Milton H. Erickson



C L I N I C A L  H Y P N O T H E R A P Y (C.Hyp)


Hypnotherapy is a powerful treatment modality used in psychotherapy and health

management. A  growing body of research now validates hypnosis as a highly effective

tool for pain  reduction, stress, anxiety, and a range of medical issues. It is unfortunate

that so many have distorted views of hypnosis. In the therapeutic relationship, unlike in

the entertainment industry, clients access a peaceful state of internal focused

concentration, which allows for creative insight and higher awareness — this state of

focused concentration is not unlike the brain wave state that is achieved in deep

meditation. In clinical hypnosis with a qualified practitioner, the client is in COMPLETE

CONTROL of the process. Anything you’ve seen or heard about regarding stage hypnosis

is nothing at all like what you’ll experience in a hypnotherapy session. You’ll find clinical

hypnosis to be an extremely effective and gentle, healing tool for change.


Hypnotherapy can assist with:

 Habit Control / Public Speaking / Stress Reduction  

Insomnia / Pain Control / Fears 

Phobias / Anxiety / Forgiveness Work     

Core Belief Transformation / Decision Making

Resolution of Past Issues

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