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I can relate to many of my clients' internal and external conflicts having reconciled similar ones in my own, personal and professional, therapeutic education and experience.

In my twenties I began practicing yoga and meditation. Perhaps this was the beginning of my self-growth and therapeutic journey - although I certainly wouldn't have  called it that at the time. About a decade later I began a more conscious/official self-growth period with my own personal work with  psychotherapy and bodywork. I benefitted so significantly from these endeavours, and learned to love and appreciated the processes so much, that I started education and training and became  a psychotherapist. That was twenty years ago. I am still excitedly, learning and growing.- mostly from my work, my clients, ongoing education and life.  I am looking forward to the next twenty - and to possibly meeting and working with you.  


Relief! Stressful relationships (personal, family, work), depression, anxiety, anger, grief, loss and conflict are some of the things that I support my clients around in order for them to find relief, clarity and well-being. 

Often there is a connection (or lack thereof) between body and mind, or heart and head that is ill-serving. I can help you with being present; which is where the bodymind awareness-connection is accessible. I find that being present, with oneself and others, is the only place from which effective, conscious, lasting choices and changes can be made. I have 18 years experience as a psychotherapist and bodyworker and have worked with many different clients, personalities and age groups.


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My  Practice

... bodywork which focuses on physical change and de-emphasizes meaning is as one sided and unintegrated as psychotherapy that ignores body processes. 

 J.I. Kepner (author, Body Process) 


Expect: Greater Relief: lasting release of physical and emotional pain

   Freedom: increased physical and emotional flexibility and fluidity

   Fun!: increased energy, excitement and clarity

   Peace: more efficient management of daily stress and tension

   Self-Love: greater self-awareness and understanding, self-compassion, self-support and   



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Graig Moriarty, RP, C.Hyp | Registered Psychotherapist / Clinical Hypnotherapist

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